Michael Ricotta

CEO Arcane Strategies


Web Solutions Engineer, B.A, CEH

Mike is a veteran of Madison Avenue digital media, with 18+ years of professional experience. As an expert in digital media, Mike has been a partner in founding several web and apps products, has built 3 international development teams through acquisition, and appeared on media networks and publications such as CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and CIO Magazine, among others.

  1. Highlights
    • Education: Bachelor of Arts, College of The Holy Cross
    • Experience: 15 years. Development, Design, IA, Project Management, Systems Administration
    • Managed Nationalities: 9
    • Team Size: Range 10 - 35;
    • Trilingual: English, Spanish, Italian
    • SOP’s: Agile and Waterfall sprint and release cycles, Emergency response
  2. Frameworks
    • PHP: WordPress & WooCommerce, Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, Oscommerce, Magento, Laravel
    • Javascript: NodeJS, ReactJs, PhantomJS, CasperJS, JQuery, Prototype, Angular, VueJs
    • .NET: AP.NET Core, NopCommerce, DotNetNuke, Dapper
    • SAAS: Shopify, WordPress
    • Java: Android SDK
    • Python: Django
  3. DevOps
    • Supported Platforms: AWS, Rackspace Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Compute
    • CI/CD: Jenkins, AWS, Ansible, Celery (RabbitMQ), Puppet, Git, SVN, Mercurial, BitBucket.
    • Network Config: SMTP & Exchange servers, DNS, Active Directory
    • Supported Stacks: LAMP, LEMP (nginx), WAMP, WIMP (IIS), XAMPP Debian & RPM based distros (CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian), & Windows 2003+
    • DAD: Invented tool unifying project plans, repos, QA (regression, stress, unit, pen). Deploys VM's, forms audits/remediation plans, risk assessment.
  4. Databases
    • eComm & ERP API’s: ZingFit, TradeGecko, Shopify
    • CRM Integrations: Salesforce, ACT
    • ERP Integrations: DB2/AS/400, Quickbooks
    • Other DB Management and Markup: MariaDB, MongoDB, Memcached, XML
    • Relational DB Engines: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MsSQL
  5. APIs & CDNs
    • FE and Fonts: CloudFlare, Typography.com, Myfonts.com
    • AI: Watson Alchemy, Amazon Elastic Search, Facebook Wit.ai
    • Amazon: AWS Cloud, AWS Product API, Amazon Elastic Search
    • Google: Sheets, Maps / Local, Analytics, Fonts, Drive, Adsense
    • Social and Digital Media: Ebay Product, Amazon Product, Facebook SDK
  6. Background
    • Industries Supported: Small businesses to large Bio-Pharma
    • Experience In: Design and planning to development and systems administration.
    • Other Tech: Virtualization, Hardware build, Arduino, Raspberry Pi
    • Additional Info: Advanced security and encryption protocols, injection testing, OWASP, Gov't 508 compliance, PCI compliance, FDA 21 CFR 11 compliance.
  7. Languages
    • Client-Side: HTML 5, CSS3, RSS, JavaScript (Angular, Prototype, JQuery), PineScript
    • Server-Side: PHP, Python, Javascript (Node.js), Bash, CMD, Java, Batch

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  • CEO, Founder of Arcane Strategies

  • BA, College of The Holy Cross

  • 9-time NCAA D1 medalist, school record holder

  • Eagle Scout, Westchester-Putnam Council